Illustration of MAVEN spacecraft in orbit of Mars. (NASA) | SkyNews
MAVEN eyes two types of aurorae above Mars

NASA’s MAVEN observed two different types of ultraviolet aurorae simultaneously.

Barred Spiral Aurora by Chris Kelly
Aurora Watch: See the northern lights in Canada

Will you see the northern lights tonight? Find out using these tips and tools.

May 27/28 aurora
Surprise Aurora Show 2017

On the night of May 27-28 observers got to see a rare display of northern lights.

Solstice Aurora Spectacular

A great northern lights show on June 22 was triggered by an intense solar storm.

Dyer-Aurora-Feb 21, 2015
Alan’s Amazing Aurora Movie

Watch a spectacular time-lapse display of northern lights.

June Aurora by Armelle Troussard
June Aurora by Armelle Troussard

The recent solar storm didn’t translate into an awe-inspiring display of northern lights here in Canada, but the […]

Lauri Kangas-June 8, 2014 aurora
Surprise Aurora Show 2014

A blast of energy from the Sun triggered a fine auroral display on the night of June 7/8.

Seronik-Iceland Aurora
Auroras Over Iceland

The northern lights shimmer over a geological paradise.