Canadian sentinels watch for streaking meteors

In Sky News This Week: The trail of a rare fireball streaking across Alberta skies caught the camera of Athabasca University on February 22.

Perseverance rover starts rolling on Mars

In Sky News This Week: Researchers prepare for great scientific opportunities as NASA’s newest rover lands on the Red Planet

Next Canadian in space is part of a new trend

In Sky News This Week: An investor is slated to be the next Canadian in space, taking flight through the new space economy.

Exoplanet K2-18b (Artist’s Impression)
Computers could give astronomers a badly needed helping hand

In Sky News This Week: Machine learning has been around for decades, but it will enter likely the mainstream in astronomy soon.

How Canada is training the next lunar astronauts

In Sky News This Week: Western University is poised to help train a Canadian going into lunar orbit.

Canadian camera to go on exoplanet hunting mission

In Sky News This Week: Canadian technology will be flying on the Roman space telescope in 2025, on course to capture images of planets outside our Solar System.

Canada is all-in on the next lunar leap

Canadian Space Agency announces another round of LEAP projects awarded a total of almost $3 million

Arecibo’s end and Canada’s bright radio future

In Sky News This Week: As Arecibo sees last light, Canadian projects could help pick up the scientific slack.

Sky News This Week: November 18, 2020

A SpaceX spacecraft brings four astronauts into space, Europa may have less life-friendly origins for its famous water plumes, and “GoldenEye” observatory is facing more trouble.

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