Plot of HAT-P-16
HAT’s off to teens using robotic telescope

Two astronomy students from John Abbott College talk about their hands-on opportunity detecting an exoplanet using The RASC’s Robotic Telescope.

Padi Boyd, NASA astrophysicist
Video: Hubble focuses on interstellar comet

SkyNews reporter Elizabeth Howell interviews a NASA astrophysicist on comet 2I/Borisov and how Hubble used its “exquisite vision” to observe the interloper.

asteroid bennu still
NASA Zeros in on Asteroid Landing Site With Canadian Help

Could the history of the solar system eventually be unravelled in Canadian labs?

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot in Motion

Winds within Jupiter’s Great Red Spot are simulated in this JunoCam view. Winds within Jupiter’s Great Red Spot […]

without type Patrick-Whelan-super-micro-moon
Supermoon Sunday

Is the December 3 full Moon truly rare and spectacular?

The Lunar Name Game

Who was Clavius, and why is one of the biggest craters on the Moon named after him?

A Black Hole Mosh Pit

How do binary black-hole systems form?

Juno at Jupiter
Juno at Jupiter: Arrival

For the first time in thirteen years, a spacecraft is orbiting the biggest planet.

Seronik-Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders of the Lunar World

Here’s a selection of fascinating sights to tempt you into the moonlight.