Anthropology professor Kenneth Tankersley is examining two items in his office in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences. | SkyNews
Ancient comet left a lasting effect in Ohio Hopewell stories

New research shows the impact left behind by an airburst 1,500 years ago

Stratospheric balloons allow experiments to soar high in the atmosphere. | SkyNews
Students to send high-flying experiments aloft this summer

A stratospheric balloon experiment challenge simulates the conditions of space

Aaron Rosenstein onboard with the payload before flight. | SkyNews
A brief microgravity flight showed us a lot about DNA

A Canadian researcher has found evidence that microgravity affects DNA replication. What does that mean for people in space?

Can you see them? A crowdsourcing project asks you look for walruses on Canadian sea ice and other regions using satellite images. | SkyNews
A new project needs “walrus detectives” to examine satellite images

A new study on walruses is asking the public to help count their numbers on satellite pictures.

McGill University doctoral student Lisa Dang studied exoplanet XO-3b and discovered seasons, incredible winds,
A Canadian researcher has discovered day-long seasons on an exoplanet

This “hot Jupiter” is a place of extremes. Exoplanet XO-3b has seasons that last a day or two, incredible winds and “cryptic heating”

Location of the stars in the dozen streams as seen across the sky. The background shows the stars in our Milky Way from the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission. The AAT is a Southern Hemisphere telescope so only streams in the Southern sky are observed by S5. | SkyNews
Star “streams” help point to new insights on dark matter

A Canadian-led study has brought scientists one step closer to understanding dark matter using star “streams” in our galaxy’s halo

The James Webb Space Telescope's sunshield — pictured here in July 2014 — is the largest part of the observatory, with five layers of thin membrane that unfurled in space to precise tolerances. (NASA/Chris Gunn) | SkyNews
As Webb unfolds, Canadians wait to test instruments

The James Webb Space Telescope has unfurled its sunshield in space. But there are a few more steps before the Canadian team can work on its part

Taken in April 2020, this images shows the James Webb Space Telescopes’s 6.5-metre primary mirror in the configuration it will have when in space. | SkyNews
Opening the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope

After years of delays, the James Webb Space Telescope is poised to launch. What new worlds can we hope to see through it?

Left: The sky as it would appear in radio polarized waves. Right: The sky in the same orientation and projection as it can be seen with our eyes. | SkyNews
A radio ‘tunnel’ might surround our cosmic neighbourhood

New Canadian research suggests that a magnetic “tunnel” may surround our Solar System and tell us more about how magnetic fields behave.

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