Sky News This Week: November 18, 2020

A SpaceX spacecraft brings four astronauts into space, Europa may have less life-friendly origins for its famous water plumes, and “GoldenEye” observatory is facing more trouble.

The Canadian Space Agency wants your feedback

The Canadian Space Agency is looking for feedback on the country’s future in space exploration

Following the falcon

As Hayabusa2 heads back home, two Canadians talk about their epic trek to see Hayabusa’s re-entry in 2010

Sky News This Week: November 5, 2020

In the news: Scientists spot a likely free-floating planet, the Canadian Space Agency asks for feedback on future exploration, and fresh data from a dead comet mission reveals cappuccino-like ice.

water on moon
NASA discovers water on Moon’s sunlit surface

SOFIA, a modified Boeing 747 carrying a telescope, has found the signature of water on the sunlit surface of the Moon.

Sky News This Week: October 21, 2020

This week’s news: OSIRIS-REx touches down on asteroid Bennu, a spacecraft prepares to fly by Venus, and a flying observatory catches details about star formation.

Hubble Captures Supernova in NGC 2525
Sky News This Week: October 7, 2020

In the news this week: a new toilet flew to the International Space Station, a Martian moon rover was tested in a German laboratory, and the Hubble Space Telescope caught the light of a fading supernova explosion.

Sky News This Week: September 30, 2020

A planet survives a catastrophe at its nearby star, the Sun enters new and potentially weak solar cycle, and a Canadian robot goes on a leak hunt in space.

Rare possible marker of life discovered on Venus

Astronomers have found evidence of phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus, which may be associated with the presence of life.

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