Lauri Kangas-June 8, 2014 aurora

Surprise Aurora Show 2014

A blast of energy from the Sun triggered a fine auroral display on the night of June 7/8.

Zoltan Kenwell June 8 2014 aurora

Aurora photographer Zoltan Kenwell captured the striking view above of the June 7/8 aurora lighting the skies above an abandoned grain bin, some 120 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. As Zoltan reports, “It was a short but fantastic show!” You can see more of his excellent photos by visiting here.

Paul Zizka - June 8 2014 aurora -PurpleRain

“Purple Rain” is what photographer Paul Zizka calls his photo of the event.  He photographed the aurora by the Bow River in Banff National Park, Alberta, with Castle Mountain in the background. Here’s his report: “The show reminded me of the best displays we got in the Rockies last year, almost a year ago to the day. It started as soon as the sky got dark enough and continued on until sunrise. The moon got in the way unfortunately, but once it disappeared behind the mountains the aurora was really allowed to shine. By that time I had both feet in the Bow River to get this shot.”  More of Paul’s work can be seen by visiting his web site.

Alan Dyer-June 7-8 2014 Aurora
Dyer-June 8-9 2014 Aurora - 2

SkyNews associate editor, Alan Dyer, recorded this pair of images near the peak of activity from a site near his home in southern Alberta. “The purple colour is partly from blue scattered sunlight hitting the red tops of the auroral curtains,” he notes. You can watch a brief but spectacular video Alan created from the night’s images here.

Lauri Kangas-June 8, 2014 aurora

This striking all-sky view of the aurora was captured by Lauri Kangas from Fort Frances, Ontario.  He used a 8mm Sigma fish-eye lens and a full-frame Canon 5D Mark II camera to record the scene after patiently waiting for the gibbous Moon to set so that he could record both the aurora and the summer Milky Way. The image is a 63-second exposure at ISO 2000, taken with the camera attached to an iOptron tracking mount. You can view more of his images at his web site.

To find out if an aurora may be visible from your location tonight, be sure to visit our Aurora Watch page. And to read more about the northern lights and see more photos by Alan Dyer, be sure to check out the May/June 2014 issue of SkyNews.

Did you see the aurora?  If so, you can tell us about your sighting by using the comment section below. If you captured any images from this auroral display, you can share them with us by e-mailing