Great Nebula in Orion (M42), drawn by John Herschel between 1824 and 1826. | SkyNews
Orion, now and then

Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations in the Canadian night sky. Here’s a view of the Hunter as seen in the early 1800s.

From lanterns to e-commerce

The technologies for displaying the wonders of the heavens to earthbound audiences have changed over the years. Here’s one example.

NGC 2014 and NGC 2020
Recap: 30 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope

Thirty years after Hubble’s launch, we marked the anniversary with the news chief and the author of its official book.

Apollo 13, SM jettisoning
Recap: Apollo 13, The Flight That Failed

April 13, 1970. An explosion in space set off a race to get three astronauts back to Earth. SkyNews and The RASC partnered to present this talk on the mission.

Reading SkyNews
Opening up old editions

As people around the world isolate themselves to keep COVID-19 at bay, SkyNews is looking through the archives to help keep your mind occupied.

OH then and now
The RASC Observer’s Handbook—Then & Now

RASC’s authoritative guide to annual astronomical events—here’s where it all began.