This Week’s Sky: July 6 to 12, 2020

This week is relatively quiet, but look forward to some close astronomical passes over the weekend.

Winter Sky Setting at Dinosaur Park Panorama
Limits of the sky

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes talks about limits — limits in the sky, in space, of our machines and bodies.

Artist’s impression of the disappearing star
Sky News This Week: July 2, 2020

Scientists examine the disappearance of a distant blue variable star, Canada announces plans for a contract to build Canadarm3, and data shows the Sun’s plasma has a cycle, too.

July 2020: Planets at a glance

Get ready for July’s night sky with this guide to the planets in our Solar System.

This Week’s Sky: June 29 to July 5, 2020

Look for a full Moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse while it forms a triangle with Jupiter and Saturn July 5.

Crescent Moon buzzes the Beehive Cluster
This Week’s Sky: June 22 to 28

Neptune goes retrograde and the crescent Moon passes by the Beehive Cluster in this week’s sky.

Sky News This Week: June 17, 2020

Canadian science and astronomy communities support #BlackLivesMatter, NASA changes up management for human spaceflight program, and a mission with Canadian participation catches cracking rocks on a distant asteroid.

This Week’s Sky: June 15 to 21

The summer solstice and planets passing by the crescent Moon are highlights of this week.

SkyNews statement against anti-Black racism and discrimination

SkyNews supports protests and dialogue around the world aimed at addressing longstanding issues of racial inequality, and in particular anti-Black discrimination and violence.

Quarter Moon near Mars
This Week’s Sky: June 8 to 14

Look for the gibbous Moon near Saturn and Jupiter early in the week, and the quarter Moon passing Mars (and Neptune) on the weekend.

June 2020: Planets at a glance

Get ready for June’s night sky with this guide to the planets in our Solar System.

Sky News This Week: June 2, 2020

A Canadian astronaut capcoms the first human Crew Dragon mission, South Africa affirms its commitment to a telescope project, and a graduate student makes a novel brown dwarf find.

Mercury at greatest eastern elongation
This Week’s Sky: June 1 to 7

Look for Mercury at greatest eastern elongation this week, and the waning Moon near Jupiter and Saturn.

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