Plot of HAT-P-16
HAT’s off to teens using robotic telescope

Two astronomy students from John Abbott College talk about their hands-on opportunity detecting an exoplanet using The RASC’s Robotic Telescope.

Padi Boyd, NASA astrophysicist
Video: Hubble focuses on interstellar comet

SkyNews reporter Elizabeth Howell interviews a NASA astrophysicist on comet 2I/Borisov and how Hubble used its “exquisite vision” to observe the interloper.

bonus event art2-Comet PanSTARRS Orbit
Year of the Planets Bonus Event: A Spring Binocular Comet in the Dipper

Alan Dyer Bonus Event: Comet PanSTARRS C/2017 T2 will be visible through binoculars in late May and early June.

March April Issue: A 2009 servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA
March/April 2020 Issue

The view from Hubble, marvellous Messiers, how Canada helped bring Apollo 13 home, imaging in Australia, Venus at its peak and much more.

The Northern Lights from Baptiste Lake, near Athabasca, Alberta by Joel Watson
Editor’s Report: Eyes on the Skies

This is supposed to be the place where I introduce myself. Instead, I’d rather talk about you.

Mars meets Messier Objects
This Week’s Sky: February 17 to 23

As the Moon occults Mars and passes by Jupiter before turning toward Saturn, here are the highlights in This Week’s Sky.

Solar Orbiter spacecraft
Sky News This Week: February 11, 2020

A biweekly roundup of what’s new in space: a new epic solar mission, satellite collisions, and the origin story for Uranus and Neptune is examined.

Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
This Week’s Sky: February 10 to 16

Among this week’s highlights, Mercury reaches its greatest eastern elongation and Neptune passes Phi Aquarii.

Moon Caresses the Bull’s face
This Week’s Sky: February 3 to 9

Waxing to full, the Moon passes through the Winter Football and buzzes a couple of Messier objects this week.

Maintenance Day on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (<i>NASA</I>))
Sky News This Week: January 28, 2020

A biweekly roundup of what’s new in space: telescope repairs, a hot planet and a space mission for a female robot.

First Quarter Moon
This Week’s Sky: January 26 to February 2

From a waxing crescent Moon near Uranus to the Moon occulting the asteroid Vesta, here are the highlights in This Week’s Sky.

FEATURE TWS Jan 25 at 520 pm, Young Moon near Mercury
This Week’s Sky: January 20 to 26

Look for the slim crescent Moons near Jupiter and Mercury

This Week’s Sky: January 13 to 19

Waning gibbous Moon, the last Quarter Moon, Algol reaches minimum brightness and the waning crescent Moon near Mars.