January/February 2023 issue of SkyNews

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Top 10 sky events of 2023

While it’s always tough to narrow down a year’s worth of celestial events to a short list, here’s our selection of the 10 best night-sky events for 2023.

02 —

Artemis missions an opportunity for Canada

The potential for the Artemis 1 mission cannot be underestimated for Canadian space exploration.

03 —

In search of hidden treasures

The main tools to capture the faint and challenging targets discussed in this article are narrowband filters, predominantly hydrogen-alpha (Hα), oxygen III (OIII) and sulphur II (SII).

04 —

Venus emerges in the evening sky

The long, dark and often dry Canadian winter nights offer the best time to see the stars and planets. Bundle up, because another year of stargazing has begun!

Image by Alan Dyer | SkyNews
05 —

Winter bino tour

Presenting a guided tour of my top 10 targets for binocular-gazing along the wonderful winter Milky Way.

Satellite trails, May 19, 2021. | SkyNews
06 —

More satellites, more problems

An increasing number of satellites are being deployed into low Earth orbit (LEO), impacting the way some scientists conduct their research.

Beyond Messier (Chris Vaughan) | SkyNews
07 —

Orion's other sights

After you look at the Orion Nebula, Messier 42, spend some time exploring the Hunter’s lesser-known treats.