About RASC

Founded in 1868, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is Canada’s leading astronomy organization, bringing together over 5,000 enthusiastic amateurs, educators, and professionals. In addition to many national services, our 29 Centres offer local programs across Canada.

The RASC Vision

To be Canada’s premier organization of amateur and professional astronomers, promoting Astronomy to all.

The RASC Mission

To enhance understanding of and inspire curiosity about the Universe, through public outreach, education, and support for astronomical research.

The RASC Values

  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Collaboration and fellowship
  • Enrichment of our community through diversity
  • Discovery through the scientific method


  • to stimulate interest and to promote and increase knowledge in astronomy and related sciences;
  • to acquire and maintain equipment, libraries and other property necessary for the pursuit of its aims;
  • to publish journals, books and other material containing information on the progress of astronomy and the work of the Society;
  • to receive and administer gifts, donations and bequests from members of the Society and others;
  • to make contributions and render assistance to individuals and institutions engaged in the study and advancement of astronomy.

History & Mission

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) began as the Toronto Astronomical Club on December 1, 1868. The eight men who gathered to share their interest were not professional astronomers, just working-class citizens with a passion for astronomy.

RASC Journal

The Journal is a bi-monthly publication of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. It welcomes articles on Canadian astronomers and current activities of the RASC and its Centres, research and review papers by professional and amateur astronomers, and articles of a historical, biographical, or educational nature of general interest to the astronomical community.

SkyNews Magazine

SkyNews, the magazine of astronomy and stargazing, is your guide to observing the night sky. Each issue provides a seasonal star chart, stunning celestial photos, expert equipment advice, and the latest developments in the world of astronomy.