Astrospheric's website displays a cloud map for the current time period and a variety of other weather predictors. | SkyNews
Astrospheric: One display packed with details

Astrospheric provides an informative display for North American astronomers to analyse the weather in detail a couple of nights in advance.

When you first load a Clear Outside location page, you will see a table with seven rows, a weather synopsis for the upcoming week. (Clear Outside)
Clear Outside: Long-range weather forecasts

Planning a stargazing trip? Avoid cloudy nights with Clear Outside, which forecasts weather up to seven days out.

What will your sky look like tonight? Find out at with a Clear Sky Chart from ClearDarkSky. | SkyNews
Clear Sky Chart: Short-range weather forecasts

Is it going to be clear tonight? Find out how you can predict the future with Clear Sky Charts.

Blue Marble, Apollo 17, NASA
Tonight’s Forecast: Cloudy or Clear?

Don’t plan a big night observing without consulting these weather resources.