Around 1900, the vogue presentation technology was the lantern slide. When the Royal Astronomical Society began issuing slides, two came from the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Saanich, British Columbia, taken by its first director J.S. Plaskett. This image of M13 is one of them.
From lanterns to e-commerce

The technologies for displaying the wonders of the heavens to earthbound audiences have changed over the years. Here’s one example.

Mercury at greatest eastern elongation
Mercury at greatest eastern elongation (Chris Vaughan, Starry Night Education)
This Week’s Sky: June 1 to 7

Look for Mercury at greatest eastern elongation this week, and the waning Moon near Jupiter and Saturn.


Editor’s Report: A question of time

This SkyNews anniversary is a small step in what we hope is a continuing chronicle of Canada’s contributions to knowing the unknowable.

May/June 2020 Issue

See how time flies as we focus on the subject in this special 25th anniversary edition of SkyNews.

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Mars Desert Research Station
Remember your camera on your trip to Mars

“If you are at Mars Desert Research Station, you are most likely doing a Mars simulation mission, so your mind is kind of halfway to space.”

Double shadow transit on Jupiter
This Week’s Sky: May 25 to 31

The highlights of this week include a double shadow transit on Jupiter, giving early risers in Canada a great show.

SPHERE image of the disc around AB Aurigae
Sky News This Week: May 20, 2020

In the news recently: a potential planet comes to light in a twisty haze, Martian-like mud is created for lab analysis and Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar shares some ideas for coping with isolation.

Young Moon, Mercury and Venus
This Week’s Sky: May 18 to 24

After the Moon’s meetings with Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn last week, the waxing crescent takes a jaunt near Mercury and Venus.

The observing field at night
Star Party Calendar 2020

Star parties and dark-sky festivals across Canada offer a chance to enjoy astronomy in the company of fellow enthusiasts, whether in person or online.

M45 by Ron Brecher
M45 by Ron Brecher

There’s certainly more to the Pleiades than a name — and Ron Brecher captured it, garnering the Photo of the Week title May 9.

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What are the Eta Aquariids?

Learn about where the meteor shower comes from, where it is located in the sky and how best to observe the annual April-May event.

Venus meets the Pleiades

Earlier this month, RASC members across Canada looked up and watched Venus as it crossed the Pleiades over the course of a few nights.

Exoplanet and star take on Cree names

An exoplanet and its home star now bear Cree names on international maps after a Canada-wide contest saw the labels rise to the top.

The Lunar X (and V)
What’s in “This Week’s Sky?”

From lunar eclipses to planetary conjunctions, This Week’s Sky keeps you updated on upcoming astronomical highlights.

About the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) began as the Toronto Astronomical Club on December 1, 1868. The eight men who gathered to share their interests were not professional astronomers, just working-class citizens with a passion for astronomy.


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