Blue Marble, Apollo 17, NASA
The view of Earth captured by the Apollo 17 crew on December 23, 1972. (NASA)

Tonight’s Forecast: Cloudy or Clear?

Don’t plan a big night observing without consulting these weather resources.

Government of Canada—Weather Information for Astronomers
This web site gives access to up-to-date meteorological forecasts in order to help astronomers make their sky-observing plans. Visibility is broken down by cloud forecast, seeing forecast, sky transparency and weather forecast near the ground.

Clear Sky Charts
The go-to site for amateur astronomers in search of at-a-glance forecasts for nights of clear, dark skies by location. The data on this site comes from model developed by Alan Rahill of the Canadian Meteorological Centre.

Government of Canada
Official government site with the latest overall weather forecast, 24-hour detailed forecasts and seven-day forecast for locations across Canada. Includes local radar and satellite imagery. You’ll need to drill down a few clicks from province to city to get your local weather statement.