The Transit of Mercury
Roughing It in the Bush With Gassendi

This week’s transit of Mercury takes me back to May 9, 2016, my first time seeing the event.

Seronik-Nov Suinpot
Return of the Monster Sunspot

Solar observers get ready for round 2.

October’s Giant Sunspot

Solar observers got to enjoy the sight of a monster sunspot.

Seronik-Oct23 eclipse
A Clear Shot at a Partial Eclipse

The Sun and Moon defy the clouds to put on a show.

Seronik-July 7 Sunspots-b
Big Sunspots

Solar observers enjoy a rare flurry of activity.

Seronik-June 10 2014 Sun
Solar Max is Here

After a long delay, the current sunspot cycle has reached its peak.

A Giant Sunspot Update

As 2014 began, the biggest sunspot in recent memory made two trips across the  solar disc.

Wirths-Sunspot AR1944-7Jan2014
Big Sunspot Report

One of the biggest sunspot groups in months recently crossed the solar disc.

A Spotted Sun

Even during a weak solar maximum, the show must go on.

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