Don Hladiuk imaged the Sun as it set a little west of Cedar City, Utah, on May 20, 2012. | SkyNews
How to photograph a solar eclipse

Here are a few simple photography tips from eclipse chaser Don Hladiuk on keeping your eyes safe and capturing a great digital memory.

The Transit of Mercury
Roughing It in the Bush With Gassendi

This week’s transit of Mercury takes me back to May 9, 2016, my first time seeing the event.

Seronik-Nov Suinpot
Return of the Monster Sunspot

Solar observers get ready for round 2.

October’s Giant Sunspot

Solar observers got to enjoy the sight of a monster sunspot.

Seronik-Oct23 eclipse
A Clear Shot at a Partial Eclipse

The Sun and Moon defy the clouds to put on a show.

Seronik-July 7 Sunspots-b
Big Sunspots

Solar observers enjoy a rare flurry of activity.

Seronik-June 10 2014 Sun
Solar Max is Here

After a long delay, the current sunspot cycle has reached its peak.

A Giant Sunspot Update

As 2014 began, the biggest sunspot in recent memory made two trips across the  solar disc.

Wirths-Sunspot AR1944-7Jan2014
Big Sunspot Report

One of the biggest sunspot groups in months recently crossed the solar disc.