Venus, October 2021 | SkyNews
Planets at a Glance: October 2021

From bright Venus getting brighter to the Moon passing gas giants, find out what’s going on in our Solar System this month.

A diagram of Saturn in September 2021. | SkyNews
Planets at a Glance: September 2021

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in position for prime viewing this month, while Mercury, Venus and Uranus will also be showing well in the sky.

A diagram of Jupiter in August 2021. | SkyNews
Planets at a Glance: August 2021

This month, watch as speedy Mercury nears Mars on August 18, while Jupiter and Saturn continue their dance through the southern sky.

A graphic of Saturn, July 2021. | SkyNews
Planets at a Glance: July 2021

Venus will be bright, and look for dimmer Mars as they pass one another mid-month. Also, Jupiter and Saturn approach their August oppositions.

A diagram of Venus, June 2021. | Astronomy news & night sky events | SkyNews
Planets at a glance: June 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will start rising before midnight this month, while Mars and Venus start to spend more time in evening twilight.

A diagram of Mercury during May 2021. | SkyNews
Planets at a glance: May 2021

Mercury is the planet to watch this month, as it wanes and treks away from the Sun, passing Venus and the Moon.

A diagram of Venus, April 2021. | SkyNews
Planets at a glance: April 2021

While Jupiter draws farther away from Saturn, the Moon will pass the two April 6-7. Speedy Mercury will also pass by bright Venus on April 25.

Planets at a glance: March 2021

This month, the old crescent Moon passes south of the pre-dawn planets from March 9-11, and Mars moseys between the Hyades and Pleiades.

Planets at a glance: February 2021

While some planets spend time basking in sunlight, look for Mars’ visit with the Moon February 18.

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