Allendria Brunjes fights the Shardlings in Stellaris. Jenna Hinds, Benoit Larouche and Allendria Brunjes all teamed up to play and review space multiplayer games. | SkyNews
Game reviews: Stellaris, Among Us, Out of Space, Elite Dangerous

An aerospace engineer, an outreach coordinator and an editor walked into a video game spacecraft. What happened next?

Cathy LeBlanc — who works on Mi'kmaw Moons with Dave Chapman — said her 13-year-old niece Holly is an important part of the project, opening their presentations with a reading. (Kristine Rose Photography) | Astronomy & space news | SkyNews
Mi’kmaw Moons connects with Two-Eyed Seeing

Two Nova Scotians work together on Mi’kmaw Moons, a learning and teaching project that connects Moon cycles, visual astronomy and Two-Eyed Seeing

‘Running’ the Messier marathon

It’s one all-nighter, 110 objects, and a pretty awesome feather for any visual astronomer’s cap. Here are some tips on running the Messier marathon.

20210120-Book Nook sci fi
Your words: Readers’ top science fiction suggestions

SkyNews readers answer the call to share their favourite science fiction titles.

Michael Watson, Comet NEOWISE
Editor’s report: Education and evolution

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes talks about the changing world, and how the astronomy community can learn to adapt.

Winter Sky Setting at Dinosaur Park Panorama
Editor’s report: Limits of the sky

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes talks about limits — limits in the sky, in space, of our machines and bodies.

May/June 2020 Issue

See how time flies as we focus on the subject in this special 25th anniversary edition of SkyNews.

Editor’s report: A question of time

This SkyNews anniversary is a small step in what we hope is a continuing chronicle of Canada’s contributions to knowing the unknowable.

March April Issue: A 2009 servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA
March/April 2020 Issue

The view from Hubble, marvellous Messiers, how Canada helped bring Apollo 13 home, imaging in Australia, Venus at its peak and much more.