Dyer-Aurora-Feb 21, 2015
Dance of the Northern Lights is Alan Dyer's 3-minute celebration of the aurora borealis.

Alan’s Amazing Aurora Movie

Watch a spectacular time-lapse display of northern lights.

SkyNews contributing editor Alan Dyer made this 3-minute video of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, shot from February 12 to 21, 2015 from the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Churchill’s location at 58° North on the shore of Hudson Bay puts it directly under the main auroral oval, the zone of greatest auroral activity. As Alan reports, “over the nine nights, two were cloudy, with a roaring blizzard, but when the weather was clear nights we saw aurora every night. I shot time-lapses on six of those nights, amassing about 3,500 frames, most of which appear in the final cut of this movie.”

Enjoy the show!

Dance of the Northern Lights from Alan Dyer on Vimeo.