Mercury at greatest eastern elongation
This Week’s Sky: June 1 to 7

Look for Mercury at greatest eastern elongation this week, and the waning Moon near Jupiter and Saturn.

Double shadow transit on Jupiter
This Week’s Sky: May 25 to 31

The highlights of this week include a double shadow transit on Jupiter, giving early risers in Canada a great show.

SPHERE image of the disc around AB Aurigae
Sky News This Week: May 20, 2020

In the news recently: a potential planet comes to light in a twisty haze, Martian-like mud is created for lab analysis and Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar shares some ideas for coping with isolation.

Young Moon, Mercury and Venus
This Week’s Sky: May 18 to 24

After the Moon’s meetings with Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn last week, the waxing crescent takes a jaunt near Mercury and Venus.

Crescent Moon meets Mars
This Week’s Sky: May 11 to 17

Get out your cameras — this is a beautiful time for planets.

Wide-field view of the region of the sky where HR 6819 is locate
Sky News This Week: May 6, 2020

Scientists find the closest black hole to Earth, and the reason for Venus’ fast-spinning atmosphere. Read the latest in space news here.

Bright Moon and planets
This Week’s Sky: May 4 to 10

This week, look for the Eta Aquariids reaching their peak, and the bright, Full Milk Moon. As next week begins, there will be a meeting of the Moon and planets, while Saturn begins its apparent retrograde motion.

Exploring the Night Sky: Eta Aquariid meteor shower

While it’s a better meteor shower for Southern Hemisphere observers, the Eta Aquariids might reward Northern Hemisphere early risers with its fast-moving meteors as May begins.

SkyNews star chart, May/June (segment)
Canada’s night sky May/June 2020

While in isolation, make the most of the night sky. Here’s the SkyNews centre spread star chart for May/June 2020.

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