First Quarter Moon
This Week’s Sky: March 30 to April 5

This week is all about Earth’s close neighbours — Mars meets Saturn, Venus crosses the Pleiades, the Moon buzzes by the Beehive Cluster and the major main belt asteroid Juno will reach opposition.

Curiosity’s steep climb
Sky News This Week: March 25, 2020

In recent news: interstellar clouds mapped the formation of stars, Curiosity’s epic climb, and a life-friendly environment may have been found in Mercury.

Crescent Moon over the Hyades Cluster
This Week’s Sky: March 23 to 29

Tuesday is a big day this week — look for evening Zodiacal light, Venus at its greatest eastern elongation and Mercury at its greatest western elongation.

Reading SkyNews
Opening up old editions

As people around the world isolate themselves to keep COVID-19 at bay, SkyNews is looking through the archives to help keep your mind occupied.

Old Moon near Mercury
This Week’s Sky: March 16 to 22

This week’s night skies are busy, with planetary conjunctions, lunar passes, the vernal equinox and evening zodiacal light.

DSS43 radio antenna
Sky News This Week: March 10, 2020

A Canadian asteroid target gets wings, NASA and Europe prepare for Mars, and all that dimming drama may just be Betelgeuse blowing smoke.

Evening Zodiacal light
This Week’s Sky: March 9 to 15

This week, look for light brightening the dark night. From the Full “Worm Moon” to evening zodiacal light, here are your highlights of the week.

Serge B.’s photo of the Moon from Mississauga, Ontario.
Monday’s Sugar Snow Sap Supermoon

On Monday afternoon, the Moon will reach its full phase as a “Supermoon.” What does that even mean?

First quarter Moon
This Week’s Sky: March 2 to 8

This week, the Moon waxes as it passes the Messier 35 and Messier 44, while Comet PanSTARRS passes the Heart Nebula and Venus passes Uranus.

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