Exploring the Night Sky: Eta Aquariid meteor shower

While it’s a better meteor shower for Southern Hemisphere observers, the Eta Aquariids might reward Northern Hemisphere early risers with its fast-moving meteors as May begins.

SkyNews star chart, May/June (segment)
Canada’s night sky May/June 2020

While in isolation, make the most of the night sky. Here’s the SkyNews centre spread star chart for May/June 2020.

Venus at maximum brightness
This Week’s Sky: April 27 to May 3

It’s a busy week, with the Crescent Moon waxing to its second first Quarter Moon of April. As well, look for the Lunar X and Venus at maximum brightness.

May/June 2020 Issue

See how time flies as we focus on the subject in this special 25th anniversary edition of SkyNews.

Editor’s Report: A question of time

This SkyNews anniversary is a small step in what we hope is a continuing chronicle of Canada’s contributions to knowing the unknowable.

Sky News This Week: April 22, 2020

A Canadian satellite set monitors the flood-prone Red River, Hubble watches a so-called “exoplanet” disappear, and a new theory of Comet Borisov’s mysterious history unfolds.

Lyrids meteor shower peak
This Week’s Sky: April 20 to 26

A New Moon Thursday darkens the sky during the week, giving observers a chance to see the Lyrids meteor shower. On Sunday, look for a pretty Crescent Moon near Venus.

Last Quarter Moon
This Week’s Sky: April 13 to 19

Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are this week’s night sky showpieces, set for a close encounter with the Moon. There’s another nearby traveller that was predicted to visit in our night skies, Comet 2019 Y4 (ATLAS).

Wheels on the rover
Sky News This Week: April 9, 2020

A Canadian robot installed a commercial space facility, NASA picked a new mission to watch solar storms, and astronomers found galactic jets propelling gas clouds at high speed.

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