Gibbous Moon by Shelley Jackson | SkyNews
Gibbous Moon by Shelley Jackson

With appealing colouring and good detail, Shelley Jackson’s image of the waning gibbous Moon won our Photo of the Week title for November 5, 2021.

The MIST Lab team stand with their robotic swarm. | SkyNews
Montreal team tests robot ‘swarms’ for Moon exploration

A robot swarm could be a small step for a few machines — and a giant leap for artificial intelligence on the Moon.

Cathy LeBlanc — who works on Mi'kmaw Moons with Dave Chapman — said her 13-year-old niece Holly is an important part of the project, opening their presentations with a reading. (Kristine Rose Photography) | Astronomy & space news | SkyNews
Mi’kmaw Moons connects with Two-Eyed Seeing

Two Nova Scotians work together on Mi’kmaw Moons, a learning and teaching project that connects Moon cycles, visual astronomy and Two-Eyed Seeing

James Thompson captured the exposures for this incredibly detailed mosaic of the Moon from Ottawa, Ontario. | SkyNews Magazine
Mosaic of the Moon by James Thompson

The intricate detail in James Thompson’s mosaic of the Moon caught our judges’ eyes, winning Photo of the Week on November 20, 2020.

New Moon allows Geminids to shine

The Geminids promise to give a great show this year as the prolific meteor shower peaks during a new Moon.

water on moon
NASA discovers water on Moon’s sunlit surface

SOFIA, a modified Boeing 747 carrying a telescope, has found the signature of water on the sunlit surface of the Moon.

Serge B.’s photo of the Moon from Mississauga, Ontario.
Monday’s Sugar Snow Sap Supermoon

On Monday afternoon, the Moon will reach its full phase as a “Supermoon.” What does that even mean?

Easy Moon by Kris Fedick
Easy Moon by Kris Fedick

The Photo of the Week is a richly detailed shot of the first-quarter Moon caught on a smartphone.

Cold Supermoon by Warren Finlay
Cold Supermoon by Warren Finlay

Photo of the Week for January 26, 2018 “Getting the shot” can involve a lot of sacrifice and […]

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