Seeing tonight’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Weather report for December 21 got you down? See through the clouds — or at least commiserate — with RASC and Explore Scientific!

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2020 SkyNews astronomer’s gift guide

Suggested by the SkyNews team, here’s a range of celestial gifts for the space aficionado in your life.

RASC Robotic Telescope Contest: October 2020

In celebration of Halloween, this month’s RASC RTScope editing contest target is NGC 6995 — the Bat Nebula, in the Eastern Veil Nebula.

RASC Robotic Telescope Contest: September 2020

Want to put your image editing skills to the test? Do so this September in the RASC Robotic Telescope image editing contest.

Tulip Nebula Lenard Velensky
Introducing the RASC Robotic Telescope editing contest

Want to put your image editing skills to the test? Now you can, with the RASC Robotic Telescope image editing contest.

shoemaker-levy 1
Speaker Series: The Canadian comet sleuth

Join Canadian comet discoverer David Levy as he speaks about major events of his life — like finding one of the most popular comets in our lifetimes.

Speaker Series: The art and science of observational astronomy

Learn that the journey can be more rewarding than the destination (and hone your star hopping skills) in Robert Conrad’s one-hour workshop.

Fishing For Stars by Tom Evans
2020 Readers Choice Award voting

You’ve been waiting for it all year, and Readers’ Choice Award voting will be open July 6-12, 2020.

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