Plot of HAT-P-16
HAT’s off to teens using robotic telescope

Two astronomy students from John Abbott College talk about their hands-on opportunity detecting an exoplanet using The RASC’s Robotic Telescope.

Padi Boyd, NASA astrophysicist
Video: Hubble focuses on interstellar comet

SkyNews reporter Elizabeth Howell interviews a NASA astrophysicist on comet 2I/Borisov and how Hubble used its “exquisite vision” to observe the interloper.

M81 by Rémi Lacasse
M81 by Rémi Lacasse

It had been about 10 years since Rémi Lacasse had taken a picture of M81 — but his newest image of the spiral galaxy has won him Photo of the Week.

RASC Robotic Telescope (Deep Sky Instruments)
RASC Robotic Telescope Live!

Watch the live demonstration of the RASC Robotic Telescope on YouTube.

March April Issue: A 2009 servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA
March/April 2020 Issue

The view from Hubble, marvellous Messiers, how Canada helped bring Apollo 13 home, imaging in Australia, Venus at its peak and much more.

Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia by Yves Tremblay
Love Is in the Night Sky

Valentine’s Day. The perfect time for a candlelit dinner, a box of chocolates — or perhaps, if the skies are clear, a wee bit of stargazing.

REV FEATURE Orion Nebula 2020 Raphael Dubuc
Orion Nebula by Raphaël Dubuc

It’s an old favourite for visual astronomers — the Orion Nebula. This shot of the astronomical wonder, along with the Running Man Nebula, is Photo of the Week.

NGC 1491 by Daniel Beaulieu
NGC 1491 by Daniel Beaulieu

The ever-dedicated Daniel Beaulieu won the Photo of the Week with his image of NGC 1491.

California Nebula by Stan Noble
California Nebula by Stan Noble

Stan Noble wins the week for his view of the California Nebula from “Far Point Station.”