Paul Dopson's Pacman Nebula - in review. (Paul Dobson) | SkyNews
Astrophoto review: Paul Dopson’s Pacman Nebula

In this column, we are going to look at the challenges that Paul Dopson had to overcome to produce his image of NGC 281: the Pacman Nebula.

Bill Batchelor’s supernova remnant and SH2-216. | SkyNews
Supernova remnant and SH2-216, by Bill Batchelor

Bill Batchelor won Photo of the Week for the period of Jan. 7-13, 2023.

Steve Leonard’s
The Wizard Nebula, by Steve Leonard

Steve Leonard won Photo of the Week for the period of Dec. 31, 2022 to Jan. 6, 2023.

Mars in 2022 Opposition by Oleg Bouevitch | SkyNews
Mars in Opposition, by Oleg Bouevitch

Oleg Bouevitch won Photo of the Week for Dec. 24-30, 2022, and Kimberly Sibbald’s “Noctilucent Clouds with Aurora” received an honourable mention.

Abdur Anwar’s WR 134 | SkyNews
WR 134, Embryo Nebula win Photo of the Week

Abdur Anwar’s WR 134 wins Photo of the Week for Dec. 10-16, 2022, while Oscar Echeverri’s Embryo Nebula wins for the following week.

Crescent Nebula by Dan Kusz. | SkyNews
New astrophotography column coming to SkyNews!

Submissions are open to everyone, meaning international submissions will be accepted.

Crescent/Soap Bubble Nebula by Malcolm Loro

Malcolm Loro’s image won him Photo of the Week for Dec. 3-9, 2022, and Dale Boan gets an honourable mention.

Steve Leonard's Elephant's Trunk Nebula | SkyNews
Photo of the Week inspired by ‘Stranger Things’

Steve Leonard drew inspiration for his Elephant’s Trunk Nebula from the hit TV show on Netflix.

Blue reflection nebulae by David Jenkins | SkyNews
Blue Lagoons, by David Jenkins

The Photo of the Week goes to an image of beautifully rendered blue reflection nebulae, and a barred spiral galaxy gets honourable mention.