M3 by Martin Bernier
M3 by Martin Bernier

Very sharp, with stars resolved right across the cluster core, Martin Bernier’s image of Messier 3 won the Photo of the Week for March 20, 2020.

Reading SkyNews
Opening up old editions

As people around the world isolate themselves to keep COVID-19 at bay, SkyNews is looking through the archives to help keep your mind occupied.

RASC’s virtual star party
RASC to host virtual star party

Join The RASC on Wednesday, March 25 for a virtual star party.

Northern Lights in Churchill by Dustin Head
Northern Lights by Dustin Head

Dustin Head’s job takes him through Canada’s north on a regular basis, where he gets to see nature’s finest shows. This one garnered him Photo of the Week.

Half HSO, half SHO. (Daniel Meek/RASC Robotic Telescope)
Using filters and the RASC Robotic Telescope

The data used to build each of these images is the same. So what makes them so different? Palettes.

NGC 6559 by Erich Krause
NGC 6559 by Erich Krause

Erich Krause won the Photo of the Week with his none-to-common “space fist with dragon in palm.”

The Lunar X (and V)
What’s in “This Week’s Sky?”

From lunar eclipses to planetary conjunctions, This Week’s Sky keeps you updated on upcoming astronomical highlights.

Orion over Abraham Lake by Tom Evans
Abraham Lake by Tom Evans

There are a lot of dedicated astrophotographers out there. Even so, Tom Evans went to jaw-dropping lengths to capture this Photo of the Week.

Plot of HAT-P-16
HAT’s off to teens using robotic telescope

Two astronomy students from John Abbott College talk about their hands-on opportunity detecting an exoplanet using The RASC’s Robotic Telescope.

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