bonus event art2-Comet PanSTARRS Orbit
Year of the Planets bonus event: A spring binocular comet in the Dipper

Alan Dyer Bonus Event: Comet PanSTARRS C/2017 T2 will be visible through binoculars in late May and early June.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Cloud (Oct 23, 2014)-r
Eclipse 2017: Enjoying the Partial Eclipse

Even if you can’t travel to the centre line, there’s still something to see.

A Guide to Observing Mars

Here’s how you can see the red planet at its very best.

Feature SynScan-at-Sunset-1-1
Review: Sky-Watcher SynScan GoTo Dobsonian

High-tech meets bargain-telescope design. A shotgun marriage or a match made in heaven? We find out!

Review: Sky-Watcher’s New Dual-Mode Mount

This hefty mount can operate as either an altazimuth or an equatorial, promising accurate GoTo and tracking. We put it through its paces.

feature AllView-Exterior-2
Review: The Versatile AllView Mount

Sky-Watcher’s innovative new mount works for both telescopes and time-lapse astro-imaging.

Dyer - Nov 3 2013 total eclipse
Total Eclipse Voyage

With minutes and seconds to go, it was unclear whether we were going to see the eclipse.

Comet ISON & Mars (Oct 8, 2013)
Comet ISON Observing Report

Alan Dyer photographs Comet ISON on October 8, on a cloud-free morning.

Charleston Lake red light
10 Steps to Successful Stargazing

Here’s how you can become a backyard astronomer in 10 easy (and mostly low-cost) steps.

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