This 360 degree panorama takes in the entire spring sky, with south at the bottom, and west to the right. The Milky Way appears low across the Northern Horizon at the top, coinciding with the arc of an aurora this night in April 2022. (Alan Dyer) | SkyNews
Take a binocular tour through the spring sky

Alan Dyer concluded his quartet of seasonal tours of “Top 10 Targets” for binoculars with a wander through the spring sky.

The longer focal length of the Géar115 is useful for imaging smaller targets like the galaxy Messier 33 in Triangulum. This was with the 1x Adjustable Field Flattener at f/7 with a Canon R5 camera. (Alan Dyer) | SkyNews
Testing the StarField Géar115

The Canadian company StarField Optics has expanded its Géar line with a new refractor offering the unique aperture of 115mm.

bonus event art2-Comet PanSTARRS Orbit
Year of the Planets bonus event: A spring binocular comet in the Dipper

Alan Dyer Bonus Event: Comet PanSTARRS C/2017 T2 will be visible through binoculars in late May and early June.

Partial Solar Eclipse in Cloud (Oct 23, 2014)-r
Eclipse 2017: Enjoying the Partial Eclipse

Even if you can’t travel to the centre line, there’s still something to see.

A Guide to Observing Mars

Here’s how you can see the red planet at its very best.

Feature SynScan-at-Sunset-1-1
Review: Sky-Watcher SynScan GoTo Dobsonian

High-tech meets bargain-telescope design. A shotgun marriage or a match made in heaven? We find out!

Review: Sky-Watcher’s New Dual-Mode Mount

This hefty mount can operate as either an altazimuth or an equatorial, promising accurate GoTo and tracking. We put it through its paces.

feature AllView-Exterior-2
Review: The Versatile AllView Mount

Sky-Watcher’s innovative new mount works for both telescopes and time-lapse astro-imaging.

Dyer - Nov 3 2013 total eclipse
Total Eclipse Voyage

With minutes and seconds to go, it was unclear whether we were going to see the eclipse.