January/February 2021

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1994 Annular (Multiple)
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Canada's Top 10 for 2021

SkyNews has the Top 10 celestial events across Canada in the coming year — including a trio of eclipses visible from north to south.

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The in-betweeners

A new discovery is shaking up astronomers’ understanding of black holes and how they form.

03 —

Scopes for starters

Just getting started? Here's some advice on what you should be looking for in your first telescope.

04 —

Down to a science

Taking off 50 years ago this January, the Apollo 14 mission pursued scientific study on the Moon.

M31 M32 M110 for Sky News
05 —

In the eye of the beholder

A collection of images showing what the eye sees when it looks through the eyepiece.

Crop Options
06 —

Sunny days & cloudy nights

Astrophotographer Ron Brecher shares how he prepares for imaging the night sky when its treasures can’t be seen.

Rosette narrowband HOO
07 —

The next step

Deep-sky observing for advanced beginners, or how to take your night sky observing to the next level.

Quadrantid Meteor Shower Composite
08 —

Exploring the Night Sky

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn make brief appearances before heading toward the Sun, while Mars slowly saunters through the winter constellations.