Venus in the Pleiades (April 3, 2012)

January/February 2020 Issue

Here’s what you’ll find in this issue of SkyNews.

What’s Inside

Editor’s Report

(Alan Dyer)

Guest editor and RASC President Chris Gainor on the bold future for SkyNews in its 25th anniversary year.

Cover: Year of the Planets

(Alan Dyer)

The top 10 celestial events of 2020 feature a blockbuster lineup of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. By Alan Dyer

Rocket Man


From the Avro Arrow to the Canadarm and beyond, a look at the career of the late Bruce Aikenhead. By Chris Gainor

The Moon Occults Mars

(Alan Dyer)

The waning crescent Moon passes in front of Mars, Venus passes close to Neptune, and Mercury rises into the dusk sky. By Alan Dyer

Treasures of the Night

(Zdenek Bardon/ESO)

Orion and its treasure trove of celestial companions offer a brilliant introduction to the winter sky. By Nicole Mortillaro

In Search of Solar Siblings


University of Toronto astronomers uncover new evidence in a quest to find the Sun’s galactic family. By Ivan Semeniuk

Between Earth & Sky

(Alan Dyer)

From Manitoba to Florida, three winter destinations that offer a fresh perspective on the night sky. By Valerie Stimac


(Artwork by Glenn LeDrew)

The Star Chart for Winter, Sky News Briefs, Parting Shot, RASC news and the history of the Observer’s Handbook.