Sundogs by Anthony Damtsis
Sundogs in Kingston, Ontario (Anthony Damtsis)

Sundogs by Anthony Damtsis

A daylight phenomenon, spontaneously captured on a smartphone, is the week’s winner.

While we usually focus on the night sky, this week we received a few photos of daylight phenomena. With his photo of sundogs, Anthony Damtsis won the prize for this week’s Photo of the Week.

Our judges chose this shot as they thought had “some nice composition,” noting it looked like the edges of the sundogs are a continuation of the tree.

Anthony said he took the photo on the last weekend of October in Kingston, Ontario, using simply his Samsung S8 phone and editing the shot in the Snapseed app.

“It was late afternoon when I noticed the sundogs and how bright they looked,” he said. “Then I noticed all the arcs that seemed to be connecting them, which is something I’ve never seen before.”