GrandPrize- Warren Finlay-Milky Way
Milky Way (Warren Finlay)

September/October 2014 Issue

Winners of the 12th Annual Photo Contest, two eclipses in October, wilderness astronomer, Constellation Corner and more.

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Photo Of The Week Contest Winners

For our 12th annual photo contest, the SkyNews editors selected these
outstanding celestial images.

Eclipses of the Sun And Moon

In October, Canadians are treated to two eclipses two weeks apart: a total eclipse of the Moon followed by a partial eclipse of the Sun. Alan Dyer

Product Review: The Mallincam Universe

We test a versatile astronomical video camera. Glenn Norman

Pushing the Frontiers of Backyard Astronomy

A quasar 11 billion light-years distant is captured in photo taken from Ontario backyard observatory. Terence Dickinson

Overturning Convention

I’m no expert on telescopes, but I know what I like: large, good-quality optics that don’t break the bank. And John Dobson delivered. Ken Hewitt-White

Wilderness Astronomer: Wood Buffalo National Park

See the full glory of the aurora in a dark sky park that’s larger than Switzerland. Peter McMahon

In and Around the Sea of Crisis

The most accessible mare for evening viewing is also one of the most interesting, whether you’re using a telescope, binoculars or even just your eyes. Gary Seronik

The Finest Cluster You Can Hardly See

Charles Messier never saw it. You might miss it too. But the open cluster NGC7789, in western Cassiopeia, is certainly worth a try. Ken Hewitt-White

Good Vibrations

The recent loss of a Canadian nanosatellite has not diminished the power of a bright idea. Ivan Semeniuk

Constellation Corner: Pegasus

A celestial creature of considerable majesty. Ken Hewitt-White

And more!