2016 Grand Prize Winner (Greg Taylor)

September/October 2016 Issue

Astrophotography Special: Annual contest winners, beginner’s guide to astrophotography, protecting the starry night and more.

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14th Annual Photo of the Week Contest Winners

Enjoy our selection of the very best images submitted by our readers over the past year.

Spotlight on Ceres

A giant among asteroids and a dwarf among planets, Ceres has always defied easy classification. Ivan Semeniuk

Product Review: A New Travel Mount For Astrophotography

We put the LighTrack II from Fornax Mounts through its paces. Gary Seronik

Exploring the Night Sky: Dusk to Dawn Planet Show

All five naked-eye planets put in an appearance, while Uranus, Neptune and dwarf planet Ceres are at their best. Alan Dyer

Editor’s Report: Catching the Light

Now is the perfect time to try your hand at night-sky photography. Gary Seronik

Capturing the Universe: Getting Started in Astrophotography

Beginning with the basics helps build a strong foundation for your imaging endeavours. Tony Puerzer

Scoping The Sky: Night of the Iguana

Don’t like lizards? Fear not! Starry Lacerta is small, harmless and surprisingly interesting. Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Why Are Craters Round?

A deceptively simple question lies at the heart of one of lunar science’s most hotly contested debates. Gary Seronik

Cosmic Musings: Eight Decades Of Light Pollution

The scourge of light pollution has removed the inspiration of a starry night from common experience. Terence Dickinson

Constellation Corner: Aquarius

With his inexhaustible supply of water, Aquarius has not always been appreciated as the heavenly Provider of Potables. Ken Hewitt-White

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