Rho Ophiuci Stellar System by André Cajolais
Rho Ophiuchi Stellar System taken from Rodeo, New Mexico on April 28. (André Cajolais)

Rho Ophiuchi Stellar System by André Cajolais

The composition of stars and whisper-like gases and dust scored top marks with judges this week.

It’s the first time that’s the charm this week, as André Cajolais’ first shot of the Rho Ophiuchi Stellar System wins the award for Photo of the Week.

Taking the first-time shot from Rodeo, New Mexico on April 28, Cajolais said he used a ZWO ASI 294 Pro, taking 30 exposures and 300 seconds each.

He used a Celestron Edge 11 at f/2 (Hyperstar) with the CGEM DX mount.

Rho Ophiuchi Stellar System taken from Rodeo, New Mexico on April 28. (André Cajolais)

Cajolais said he had seen an image on the web of IC 4603, 4604, 4605 and 4606, the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex, adding he found that region really beautiful.

“However, I was technically limited,” he added. “I could not capture the whole region — the field is way too large for my capabilities.”

Cajolais said he has been observing the sky for a little over 30 years, but he said he is quite new in the field of astrophotography, only starting seriously in 2017. He added he hasn’t mastered the mosaic technique, and for the time being he is only photographing in colour.

“But I knew that the region of Triple Star Rho was within my reach,” he said. “I had the opportunity to take the photo in New Mexico, last spring, with a C11 Edge equiped with Hyperstar a fantastic duo—and my then new ZWO ASI 294 Pro colour camera.”

He said that once he masters more techniques he hopes to capture the region in its entirety.

“I really like the result of my capture of Rho, the triple star of course, but mainly the delicate movements of gases and dust from this star nursery —one of the closest to our solar system, moreover!”