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Highlights from this edition include:

  • Fly by night: Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) doesn’t visit often. But the naked-eye wanderer stopped over in our skies in July, becoming the object of astrophotographers’ affections across Canada.
  • SkyNews Photos of the Year: See the best of Canadian astrophotography in our 18th annual photo contest.
  • Red Planet October: Three planets reach opposition over the course of two months, with Mars giving us its best opposition this decade. Brian Ventrudo writes Exploring the Night Sky.
  • Admiring the Moon: Nicole Mortillaro shows her fondness for the Earth’s companion in this lunar lesson.
  • Cosmos from the classroom: Elizabeth Howell explores post-secondary options to pursue astronomy in Canada.
  • The astronomer’s bookshelf: Good books add an extra dimension to amateur astronomy. Read what Chris Vaughan recommends.
  • Telescopic view of history: The Dorner Telescope Museum encourages a tactile learning experience through lenses of the past. Sahar Fatima reports.
  • Sky-Watcher mount review: New Sky-Watcher mounts provide grab-and-go portability. Alan Dyer has more.