May/June 2022 print edition


Learn more about the total eclipse of the full Flower Moon, saving the night skies and the 2022 star party calendar. Read more in SkyNews!


A total lunar eclipse, late spring gems, an early-morning lineup of planets — Canada’s skies are packed full of spectacular sights this season, and SkyNews has all the details.

Get the details on the dramatic full “Flower Moon” lunar eclipse happening on May 15, visible from coast to coast in Canada.

Learn about how light pollution affects astronomical activities, bird migration and human health — and what you can do to curb it.

Also: New scientific evidence that backs up generations of Indigenous, First Nations and Native American oral histories about a devastating comet around 1,500 years ago. Canadian astronaut Joshua Kutryk shares his insight into the value of observing Earth from above when tackling climate change. Loyal SkySafari user Alan Dyer reviews the app’s newest release.

All this and more in the latest issue of SkyNews!

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