May/June 2021 e-edition



This spring, read about Canada’s two eclipses, Juno’s exciting future around Jupiter and Canadians helping others with astronomical tasks. All in this SkyNews!


Available April 12, 2021!

Canada will be in shadows this summer, as a lunar eclipse passes over the west and a solar eclipse dazzles the north and east. This edition examines who will see these eclipses, how to photograph them and why they happen.

Stuck under urban skies? Nicole Mortillaro shows you how to see the stars despite the bright city lights, while Alan Dyer writes about how to choose a scope based on where you’ll use it.

In space science, Ivan Semeniuk highlights new images sent back to Earth from NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars, while Elizabeth Howell reports on Juno’s extended mission in orbit around Jupiter and what it means for research into planet formation and off-Earth life.

All this — and more! — in the latest issue of SkyNews!

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(Cover image © Seán Doran, based on public domain data and processing by Gerald Eichstadt & NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS)