March/April 2021 print edition



Canadians are heading to the Moon. Modern makers are building their own telescopes. Discover new galaxies and beyond with SkyNews!


This edition of SkyNews takes you into the limitless skies and beyond our own boundaries.

As we start to think of a future that includes a station around the Moon and a trip to Mars, Canada is entering a new golden age of humans in space. Elizabeth Howell and Randy Attwood explore the past, present and future of Canadians in space.

Brian Ventrudo has the top sky events across Canada for March and April skies in “Exploring the Night Sky,” while Chris Vaughan celebrates galaxy season with tips on seeing lesser-known objects.

On the ground, a new project in Nova Scotia is linking culture and astronomy through Two-Eyed Seeing, while one Albertan shares how he has passed his love of astronomy to the next generation. We also give a nod to Canadians who build their own telescopes.

It’s all in this issue of SkyNews!

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