July/August 2021 print edition



What holds galaxies together? How can I hack my telescope? What can I see in the summer skies? Look deeper into the Universe with SkyNews.


Our latest issue has amazing pictures of the northern lights, challenges from observers, an ode to Apollo 15 and much more.

Brian Ventrudo explains this summer’s prolific meteor shower and planetary meetups, while Nicole Mortillaro and Chris Vaughan explore oodles of deep-sky objects.

Want to hack your telescope? Blake Nancarrow has tips for you. Want a great telescope straight out of the box? Alan Dyer reviews SharpStar’s new 94mm.

In space science, as Canada reopens, scientists may have their best chance yet at discovering the true nature of dark matter. Ivan Semeniuk reports on how the pandemic has affected research into the elusive substance.

As for outreach, Elizabeth Howell reports on how teachers are opening doors for students interested in real-world research. Also, we tackle multiplayer video games with an aerospace engineer and astronomy outreach coordinator.

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