The Cocoon Nebula by Scott Champion
The Cocoon Nebula (Scott Champion)

The Cocoon Nebula by Scott Champion

And the winner is—a wonderfully detailed portrait of the Cocoon Nebula.

Photo of the Week for July 26, 2019

Situated squarely within the luminous haze of the northern Milky Way, Cygnus is home to numerous deep-sky wonders. One of the celestial Swan’s lesser-known treasures is the Cocoon Nebula, also known as IC5146. The nebula is a glowing cloud of hydrogen gas lit from within by a clutch of newborn stars. Glimpsing the Cocoon requires a narrow-band filter, a dark sky, and moderately sized optics to glimpse.

The Cocoon Nebula by Scott Champion
(Scott Champion)

This wonderfully detailed Cocoon portrait was captured by Haneytown, New Brunswick, astrophotographer Scott Champion. He used a MallinCam VRC-8 Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph fitted with an Astro-Physics CCDT67 focal reducer for a working f-ratio of f/5.4, and an Atik 383L+ monochromatic CCD camera shooting through Baader Planetarium filters to acquire a total of 3¼ hours exposure data for this image.

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