Seronik- Oct 8 lunar eclipse-SQ
The eclipsed Moon emerges from Earth's shadow, as seen from fog-bound Victoria, British Columbia. (Gary Seronik)

Morning of the (Foggy) Red Moon

In the early hours of October 8, the lunar disc slipped through the Earth’s shadow for the second time this year.

While the total lunar eclipse unfolded like celestial clockwork, whether or not you saw anything depended on your location and the weather. From my home in Victoria, British Columbia, skies were clear . . .  almost. As the night wore on, fog settled in over the city, and as totality began, I could barely perceive the Moon. By mid-eclipse, I couldn’t see the lunar disc at all. Fortunately, just when the Moon emerged from the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow (the umbra), the fog began to thin out a little and I was able to get the image shown above.