The Transit of Mercury
The Transit of Mercury (Alan Dyer)

November/December 2019 Issue

Here’s what you’ll find in the November/December 2019 issue of SkyNews.

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Mercury Transits the Sun 

On the morning of November 11, the innermost planet crosses the face of the Sun for the final time until 2032. Alan Dyer

New Worlds on the Doorstep 

A new NASA mission called TESS scans nearby stars for transiting Earth-sized worlds. Ivan Semeniuk

Our Holiday Wish List 

We’re dreaming big (and small) of must-have gifts for astronomers. SkyNews Editors and Columnists 

Scoping the Sky: The Deep-Sky Double Take 

The “Double-Cluster” in Perseus looks great in any backyard telescope. Ken Hewitt-White

Capturing the Universe: Auto-Guiding for Dummies

A little effort (and some extra gear) helps yield sharp astrophotos. Tony Puerzer

The Binocular Sky: Double Cluster, Triple Fun 

The zone between Perseus and Cassiopeia is home to several splendid binocular-friendly deep-sky delights. Gary Seronik

Constellation Corner: Cepheus 

Cepheus resembles a child’s drawing of a house—but to certain ancient cultures, it was a house of royalty. Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Apollo’s Forgotten Landing Site 

Fifty years ago, a second pair of astronauts touched down on the Moon. Gary Seronik

Plus! SkyNews Briefs, Editor’s Report, Parting Shot and a message from the RASC President