Apollo 8 earthrise
Stunning Earth above a cratered, lifeless lunar landscape captured by Apollo 8 crew. (NASA)

November/December 2018 Issue

Featured in this issue: Apollo 8, the Geminids on display, visitors from beyond and memories of RASC.

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Apollo 8: The Greatest Voyage

Fifty years ago, humans reached another world for the very first time. Randy Attwood

Visitors From Beyond

Interstellar travel may be generations away, but the ability to access other solar systems is already within reach. Ivan Semeniuk

Book Reviews: Two for the Show

A pair of exquisite picture books with holiday gift possibilities. Gary Seronik

Guest Editorial: Me and the RASC

Half a century ago, my mind was light-years from school. The RASC rescued me. Ken Hewitt-White

Exploring the Night Sky: The Year’s Best Meteor Shower and a Binocular Comet

In mid-December, skywatchers are treated to an icy visitor with naked-eye potential and a fine Geminid display. Alan Dyer

The Binocular Sky: Andromeda’s Crown Jewel

The finest binocular galaxy awaits on late-autumn evenings. Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: A Tiny Dragon in Eastern Perseus

The star cluster NGC1582 shows well in almost any backyard telescope. Ken Hewitt-White

Capturing the Universe: Get Close With a Long Lens

Recording detailed deep-sky astrophotos requires a boost in focal length. Tony Puerzer

On the Moon: How Old Is That Crater?

As familiar as the Moon may seem, astronomers still struggle with the basics. Gary Seronik

Constellation Corner: Triangulum

Although small and dim, Triangulum shone brightly in the star lore of several ancient civilizations. Ken Hewitt-White

Plus: Sky News Briefs, Editor’s Report, Parting Shot and much more!