Northern Lights in Churchill by Dustin Head
Northern Lights in Churchill by Dustin Head

Northern Lights by Dustin Head

Dustin Head’s job takes him through Canada’s north on a regular basis, where he gets to see nature’s finest shows. This one garnered him Photo of the Week.

Dustin Head said he was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights and grab a good shot on a recent trip to Churchill, Manitoba.

Well, we’re lucky his Uncle Douglas Buck told him to enter the picture in our Photo of the Week contest, so we could hand him this week’s prize.

Northern Lights in Churchill by Dustin Head

Head said in an email that he took the photo on February 6, 2020 with his iPhone 11. His lucky shot came at about 8:50 p.m.

Head — who lives in Gillam, Manitoba —  said he is the roadmaster for the Hudson Bay Railway, and he supervises daily operations on the Herchmer Sub, the railroad tracks to Churchill.

“So with that being said, I am lucky enough to catch these beauties regularly along with all the other beautiful scenery the north has to offer, along with its wildlife,” he wrote. “I’ve always had an interest on what goes on around us at all times, and I am lucky enough to catch nature at its finest. So I just figured it would be nice to share with everyone.”

An honourable mention goes out this week, as well, to Rémi Lacasse’s image of NGC 2359, Thor’s Helmet.

NGC 2359, Thor’s Helmet — by Rémi Lacasse

Taken with a SBIG STX-16803 using a 12.5-inch RCOS Telescope with a focal ration of f/9, Lacasse got 6.7 hours of exposure from his observatory in the Laurentians north of Montreal.

“I took it over three nights in February,” he wrote. “It is fairly low in the sky from my location, so I had to wait for its passage as close as possible to the meridian.

“I combined the Ha filter with the red and then used the Ha to combined it with the luminance,” he added.