moussette transit nov 2019
Transit of Mercury 2019.(Philippe Moussette)

Mercury Transit by Philippe Moussette

Despite uncooperative weather, Phillppe Moussette managed to capture the Transit of Mercury in this composite image.

Mercury’s transit of the sun November 11 was one of the biggest events in our solar system for visual astronomers in 2019.

Shooting from cloudy Québec, Philippe Moussette fought the weather to take a composite image of the transit, winning the Photo of the Week.

Transit of Mercury 2019.(Philippe Moussette)

Judges commended the planning and consideration needed to produce this stacked image.

Using his Canon 90D and a 500mm lens, Mousette said he had photographed the transit May 9, 2016, but this time the weather was more co-operative. He noted that nevertheless, he missed the beginning and end of this transit because of the clouds,.

If you missed this Mercury transit, you’re going to have to wait a bit for the opportunity to shoot it again. The next one isn’t until November 13, 2032.