Meet the judges

Doug MacDonald

A member of Victoria RASC, retired, a former journalist and photographer. 

I grew up in Northern Ontario where the stars were always brilliant. Fascinated by astronomy since taking a freshman astronomy course at university. 

I’ve been doing astrophotography seriously for 12 years, with many years of visual before that.

Daniel Meek

A member of the Calgary RASC, retired project manager.  

Built my first Newtonian telescope when I was 14 years old through a workshop at the Calgary planetarium.  Although I have had a lifelong fascination with the night sky, I’ve only been doing astrophotography for about 10 years. I image from my backyard observatory. 

Member of the RASC Robotic Telescope Astrophotography team and the RASC Robotic Telescope Operations team. 

Stephen Holmes

As a young lad growing up in Toronto in the late 1950s and early 1960s, I was profoundly affected by the space race. Not so much as a competition, but as a great adventure. Although I pursued a career in the chemical field in the whole gamut of sales, marketing, tech service and technical, it was always astronomy and the idea of this huge 3D universe that was a siren song for me. Approaching retirement, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Coincidentally, my family bought me a Dobsonian telescope for my birthday in 2002, which I quickly traded in on a 10-inch LX200GPS and spent two years in imaging hell. But I learned a lot. But then, about 2007, with new equipment, I started producing some acceptable deep-sky images. My involvement with the RASC has been continuous since then, and I organize the “Stargazers 101” meetings we have monthly in addition to our main meetings.

Stephen Holmes, Photo of the Week judge
Stephen Holmes, Photo of the Week judge

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