Under the auroral oval, taken from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, on April 6, 2013.(Marty Cogswell)

May/June 2014 Issue

Viewing aurora, Mont Mégantic, remembering John Dobson, rtar party calendar and more.

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Under the Auroral Oval

You can wait for the aurora to come south to you, or you can travel north to the aurora. Alan Dyer

Awesome Eye

Stationed beside four 8-metre giants in northern Chile, the VST Survey Telescope is the world’s largest instrument dedicated to visible-light imaging. Terence Dickinson

Star Party Calendar

Dark night skies, telescope viewing and talks for backyard astronomers are the feature attractions at gatherings across Canada this summer.

Solar Systems by Snapshot

As exoplanets become more ordinary, the science behind them gets more exciting. Ivan Semeniuk

Jupiter Portraits Then and Now

A comparison of images of the solar system’s largest planet over a half-century. Terence Dickinson

Remembering John Dobson, Part 1

I always figured John Dobson would reach 100 — he almost made it. The iconic ‘pied piper of astronomy’ was in his 99th year when he passed away on January 15. Ken Hewitt-White

A Happy Hunting Ground

The Moon is a feast of telescopic detail, but even so, some regions offer more to chew on than others. Gary Seronik

Under the Dipper’s Handle

The little constellation Canes Venatici (the hunting dogs of Boötes) sports only two naked-eye stars, but nearby lie modest sky treasures you may not know about. Ken Hewitt-White

Mont Mégantic

An astronomy adventure awaits pilgrims trekking up the stargazing mountain of ‘La Belle Province.’ Peter McMahon

Constellation Corner: Ursa Major

Passing overhead on late-spring evenings, the legendary Great Bear contains the night sky’s premier guidepost: the Big Dipper. Ken Hewitt-White