Jupiter and Io
False-colour composite of Jupiter from the New Horizons spacecraft in 2007 (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/SwRI/GSFC)

May/June 2017 Issue

Jupiter’s giant riddle, favourite eclipses from six veteran photographers, 2017 star-party calendar, gear reviews and more.

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Jupiter’s Giant Riddle

The solar system’s biggest planet influenced the history of its neighbours, including Earth. So why is its origin such a mystery? Ivan Semeniuk

Eclipse 2017: My Favourite Eclipse

We asked six veteran solar eclipse chasers to select their most memorable Moon shadows. Here are their picks. Alan Dyer, Randy Attwood, Jay & Judy Anderson, Terence Dickinson, and Paul Deans

Product Review: iOptron’s New Skytracker Pro

We check out an updated tracking mount designed for astrophotographers on the go. Tony Puerzer

Sky News Briefs: The Seven Wonders of TRAPPIST-1

A system of newly discovered Earth-sized planets orbit an ultracool red dwarf star. Paul Deans

2017 Star Party Calendar

Summer is the season for sharing the wonders of the night sky at gatherings across Canada. Compiled by Christine Kulyk

On the Moon: A Walk Along the Terminator

The waxing crescent Moon is rich with fascinating features. Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: Faint Fuzzies That Fight the Lights

Suburban sky glow can’t quite kill these dim denizens of Coma Berenices. Ken Hewitt-White

Cosmic Musings: Jovian Moon Dance

Watching the comings and goings of Jupiter’s four biggest satellites is a great way to spend a spring evening. Terence Dickinson

Capturing The Universe: Getting In Focus

Here are some tips and tricks for taking tack-sharp astrophotos. Tony Puerzer

Exploring the Night Sky: Giant Planets on Show

Jupiter dominates the early-evening sky, while Saturn is at its best for 2017. Alan Dyer

Constellation Corner: Libra

This astrological oddball is relatively small, fairly dim and, unlike other members of the zodiac, quite inanimate. Ken Hewitt-White

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