M45 (Ron Brecher)

May/June 2015 Issue

20th Anniversary Issue: Spring observing, successful stargazing and evening planets, new telescopes, summer star parties and more.

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Bonus: Getting Started in Astronomy Booklet

Our guide will help answer your questions about how you can begin exploring the night sky.

Editor’s Report: 20 Years…120 Issues and Counting

As one of nature’s greatest visual gifts, the starry night sky has never been more captivating than during the past two decades.Terence Dickinson

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Here’s how you can ensure a successful stargazing trip when you venture beyond the backyard. Gary Seronik

Exploring The Night Sky: Prime Season For Evening Planets

Venus and Mercury peak in altitude this spring, appearing at their best as evening “stars.” Alan Dyer

Other Worlds: Antarctic Cosmology

A stratospheric balloon experiment successfully probes the early universe. Ivan Semeniuk

Scoping The Sky: The Lens And The Splinter

Eager for some late-spring galaxy hunting? Consider NGC5866 and NGC5907 in the circumpolar sky. Ken Hewitt-White

On The Moon: Waiting For The Big One

Both Earth and the Moon bear the scars of cosmic collisions. Are we long overdue for a life-changing impact from an asteroid or a comet? Gary Seronik

Product Review: Celestron’s Nexstar Evolution

The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope continues to evolve. Alan Dyer

Wilderness Astronomer: Best Of Dark Sky Preserves

In 20 years, Canada’s astronomy parks have grown into a lively network of stargazing destinations. Peter McMahon

Northern Nights: The Great Beyond

It’s springtime, and Ken looks w-a-a-y up into the Big Dipper. Ken Hewitt-White

Summer 2015 Star Party Calendar

Dark night skies, telescope viewing and talks for backyard astronomers are the feature attractions at gatherings across Canada this summer.

Constellation Corner: Virgo

If the daughter of the harvest were Canadian, she’d be a prairie girl. Ken Hewitt-White

From The Archives: Bathroom-Tissue Universe

A roll of bathroom tissue may inspire you to think about the universe. Terence Dickinson

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