Tenting Under the Milky Way by Darren Foltinek
Tenting Under the Milky Way (Darren Foltinek)

May/June 2018 Issue

The 2018 Star Party calendar, the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. Sky-Watcher’s EQ6-R Pro Mount and more.

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100 Years of Canadian Starlight

How the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory became a young nation’s pride and joy. Jim Failes

2018 Star Party Calendar

Dark night skies, mild weather, telescope viewing sessions, contests and informative talks are featured at summer gatherings across Canada.

Product Review: The EQ6-R Pro Mount from Sky-Watcher

This revamped version of a venerable favourite has a new design and improved features. We take it for a test-drive to see how it handles. Alan Dyer

Portfolio: Oleg Bouevitch

This collection of superb astrophotos demonstrates that meticulous technique and carefully chosen equipment can overcome suburban light pollution.

Capturing the Universe: Enter the Matrix

How to capture impressive high-resolution, wide-angle photos of the night sky. Tony Puerzer

The Binocular Sky: A Cosmic Whirlpool

The handle of the Big Dipper is your gateway to a bino challenge high overhead. Ken Hewitt-White

Cosmic Musings: Dunlap Observatory Recollections

An early spark burst into a brilliant flame after an encounter with a 74-inch telescope. Terence Dickinson

Scoping the Sky: Ambling Around Arcturus

Nightfall in late spring is a perfect time for seeing double in southern Boötes. Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: A Lunar Observer’s Tool Kit

Having the right stuff can make your Moon gazing more enjoyable and rewarding. Gary Seronik

Exploring the Night Sky: Giant Planets at Their Best

Jupiter and Saturn are closest and brightest for 2018. Alan Dyer

Constellation Corner: Corona Borealis

The northern crown is a celestial reminder of a legend about a girl, a guy, a maze and a monster. Ken Hewitt-White

Plus: Sky News Briefs, Editor’s Report and much more!