Total Lunar Eclipse by Gary Seronik
Total lunar eclipse (Gary Seronik)

March/April 2014 Issue

In this issue: April’s lunar eclipse, aurora season, Cassini mission to Saturn, double nebulas NGC2371 and NGC2372.

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Night of the Red Moon

The April 14/15 total lunar eclipse is the first of four over the next 18 months. Alan Dyer

The Future of Comet Hunting

One of the world’s most successful comet discoverers reflects on the evolution of visual comet hunting. David H. Levy

Top 5 Comets From the Past 20 Years

Five ephemeral visitors from deep space that captured our attention. Gary Seronik

Peak Season for Auroras

Keep an eye on the sky and on aurora-warning services. This spring could present some wonderful displays of northern lights. Alan Dyer

Constellation Corner: Gemini

The celestial twins mark the transition between the winter and spring night skies. Ken Hewitt-White

Saturn Bonanza

The ongoing Cassini mission at Saturn has accumulated a treasure chest of images of the big ringed planet and its moons. Terence Dickinson

Not Measuring Up

There weren’t many clear-sky opportunities to see Comet ISON last November, but that’s OK — there wasn’t much to see! Ken Hewitt-White

Telescopes for the Moon

What kind of telescope is best for viewing the Moon? As with so many things, there isn’t a single ‘right’ answer. Gary Seronik

Gemini Twins, Nebula Twins

Near Castor and Pollux is a strange double nebula, NGC2371 and NGC2372. But is this two deep-sky objects or just one? With Gemini high in the south, now is a good time to find out for yourself. Ken Hewitt-White