LRO Earth and Moon
Earth and Moon from Lunar Renaissance Orbiter (NASA)

March/April 2016 Issue

In this issue: Jupiter rules the night, methane on Mars, northern lights delights, Vancouver’s dark-sky preserve and more.

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Exploring the Night Sky: Jupiter Rules the Night

The king of the planets shines bright in the evening sky, while Mercury is at its best for 2016. Alan Dyer

Editor’s Report: Viewing Earth From Afar

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captures vibrant Earth above cratered, lifeless lunar landscape. Terence Dickinson

Other Worlds: A Trace of Methane on Mars

An ESA-led mission designed to help unravel a persistent Martian mystery is due to launch this March. Ivan Semeniuk

Northern Nights: Delights at Dawn

With a writing assignment due, Ken sets his alarm for the wee hours. Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: The Moon’s Greatest Hit

If you’re wondering what the biggest feature on the lunar near side is, look no further than Mare Imbrium. Gary Seronik

Wilderness Astronomer: McDonald Park

Vancouver’s down-the-road dark sky preserve. Peter McMahon

Scoping the Sky: Getting Ahead of Hydra

It’s early spring, and Hydra has returned. Unfortunately for urban stargazers, most of the celestial water snake is submerged in light pollution. Ken Hewitt-White

Perseids on the Run

A dedicated team of Ottawa meteor observers hit the road in a car filled with camera gear and high hopes. Pierre Martin

Constellation Corner: Corvus and Crater

Most mythological characters were elevated to the sky as a reward. Not so, the poor old crow. Ken Hewitt-White

And more!