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Banff Fireball (Brett Abernethy)

March/April 2015 Issue

Lunar eclipse at Easter, 20th anniversary poster, M81 and M82, a look at Leo, Irving Nature Park and more.

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Bonus: 20th Anniversary Astronomy Poster

Included with this issue is a full-colour, double-sided poster illustrating the 20 greatest events of the past 20 years on one side and a glorious galaxy panorama on the reverse.

Exploring the Night Sky: Lunar Eclipse at Easter

A total lunar eclipse darkens the full Moon for western North America on Easter weekend. Venus climbs high into the west to shine in the evening sky for the first time since 2013.Alan Dyer

Editor’s Report: Comet Brightens Winter Sky

Read about a comet that didn’t fizzle and about the upcoming exploration of Pluto and beyond. Terence Dickinson

Scoping the Sky: Beauty and the Beast

Strikingly unalike, the galaxies Messier 81 and Messier 82 form the most alluring galaxy pair in the heavens. Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Lunar Opposites

The Moon’s phases reveal subtle and surprising insights into the solar system’s clockwork motions. Gary Seronik

Wilderness Astronomer: Irving Nature Park

Saint John’s urban star park is New Brunswick’s ultimate ‘backyard astronomy’ destination.Peter McMahon

Northern Lights: Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Comet

Late March 1970: Comet Bennett was entering our Canadian sky. I simply had to observe it, but that meant getting to a place in the sticks called the Quiet Site.Ken Hewitt-White

Other Worlds: Doubling Down on Dark Matter

A second generation of experiments is opening new windows on the search for dark matter. Ivan Semeniuk

Constellation Corner: Leo

One of the most prominent constellations in the zodiac. Ken Hewitt-White

And more!