March April Issue: A 2009 servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA
Historical reflection: Astronaut John Grunsfeld's visor mirrors Andrew Feustel during 2009 Hubble repairs (NASA)

March/April 2020 Issue

The view from Hubble, marvellous Messiers, how Canada helped bring Apollo 13 home, imaging in Australia, Venus at its peak and much more.

What’s Inside

Editor’s Report: Eyes on the Skies

(Joel Watson)

Managing editor Allendria Brunjes devotes her inaugural report to a vision for empowering SkyNews readers.

Hubble: 30 Years of Cosmic Change


Reliving the Hubble Space Telescope’s incredible journey of influence and discovery. By Elizabeth Howell

Milky Way Magic in Australia

(Michael Watson)

A Canadian astrophotographer shares his experience of quiet nights, dark skies and the unique observing perspective from Australia’s wilderness. By Michael Watson

A Look at Globs, Open Clusters and Other Spring Treasures

(ESA/Hubble and NASA)

Our fascination with spherical collections of stars is explained. By Nicole Mortillaro

How Canuck Ingenuity Helped Bring Apollo 13 Home


The story of Canada’s little-known role in the Apollo 13 rescue. By Chris Gainor

March Madness

(SkyNews Readers)

With Messier Marathon season upon us, we asked astrophotographers from across the country to send us their best object images.

Exploring the Night Sky

(Alan Dyer)

The spring’s observing highlights include a rare season for Venus. By Alan Dyer


(Artwork by Glenn LeDrew)

Our featured chart of stars and planets, Parting Shot, Sky Briefs and more!