Blizzard Aurora  by Alan Dyer
Blizzard Aurora (Alan Dyer)

March/April 2018 Issue

Stunning aurora gallery and helpful how-to advice, binocular treasures in Cancer, refractor reviews and our regular columns.

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A Light Named Steve

Professional and citizen scientists in Alberta join forces to make a surprising discovery. Ivan Semeniuk

Product Review: A Trio of 4-Inch Refractors

Searching for the perfect beginner’s telescope? Perhaps one of these will suit your needs. Gary Seronik

Portfolio: Chasing the Lights

Alan Dyer presents some of his favourite aurora images shot over the past two years.

Capturing the Universe: Photographing the Northern Lights

An airline ticket and the right gear are the key to epic aurora photos. Tony Puerzer

The Binocular Sky: A Swarm of Stars in Cancer

The celestial crab guards one of the sky’s best bino treasures. Gary Seronik

Cosmic Musings: Clear Skies for Everyone!

In addition to cloud cover and atmospheric turbulence, stargazers now have to contend with smoke from wildfires. Terence Dickinson

Scoping the Sky: Gemini’s Little Jewel

A small but attractive star cluster awaits your scrutiny near Epsilon Geminorum. Ken Hewitt-White

Exploring the Night Sky: Close Encounters of Many Kinds

Mercury meets Venus, Mars meets Saturn, and the Moon meets Aldebaran in a season of close conjunctions. Alan Dyer

On the Moon: Exploring the 12-Day-Old Moon

The waxing gibbous phase offers an impressive number of lunar delights. Gary Seronik

Gallery: Ode To Orion

The magnificent winter constellation is slipping into the west as spring begins, leaving in its wake a rich harvest of reader photos.

Constellation Corner: Cancer

It’s utterly lacking in bright stars and displays no recognizable pattern, yet Cancer boasts one clear prize.
Ken Hewitt-White

Plus: Sky News Briefs, Editor’s Report and much more!