Jul-Aug cover image-NOAA-AURU IC1396
Elephant's Trunk Nebula (NOAA-AURU)

July/August 2014 Issue

In this issue: Summer stargazing, the Scutum Star Cloud, a closer look at the Big Bang, DSLR planetary imaging and lunar fun facts.

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Summer Stargazing: Embracing the Best Nights

Drifting among the Milky Way’s star clouds with binoculars can be addictive on the right night. Terence Dickinson

DSLR Planetary Imaging: A Tutorial

With equipment you already own, you can create planetary images that were only dreamed of two decades ago. Art Cole

Small But Powerful

Scutum, the Shield, has no bright stars but lays claim to something truly impressive: the Scutum Star Cloud. Ken Hewitt-White

A Cosmic Secret Revealed

Peering closer to the instant of the Big Bang — a major advance in cosmology. Ivan Semeniuk

10 Fun Facts about the Moon

Our nearest neighbour is a fascinating place. Here are some factoids you can use at your next Moon-observing party. Gary Seronik

Remembering John Dobson, Part 2

It was supposed to be the road trip of a lifetime — touring my favourite parks in British Columbia with John Dobson, the iconic inventor of the Dobsonian telescope. But the dream almost turned into a nightmare. Ken Hewitt-White

Dual Planets at Dusk and Dawn

This is a season of close passages: Mars near Spica, Mars near Saturn, Venus near Jupiter, the Moon near Uranus and Ceres near Vesta. Alan Dyer

Normand Fullum: A Master Craftsman

Offering some of the largest telescopes available to amateur astronomers. Doug Cunningham

Constellation Corner: Sagittarius

This constellation may ride low in Canadian skies, but for the ancient Greeks, he galloped high in the south. Ken Hewitt-White