Dyer-1979 Manitoba (1-15s Questar)
Total Solar Eclipse 1979 (Alan Dyer)

July/August 2017 Issue

Special issue on the 2017 Solar Eclipse: viewing, photographing, EclipSmart scope review plus our regular columns.

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How to View the Total Eclipse

Witnessing the Moon pass in front of the Sun is one of nature’s most thrilling experiences. Paul Deans

How to Photograph the Total Eclipse

Here’s how you can have your cake and eat it too—shoot the eclipse and watch it! Alan Dyer

Product Review: Celestron’s EclipSmart Travel Scope 50

We evaluate an instrument designed especially for eclipse chasers and solar observers. Gary Seronik

Older Than the Hills

Three newly studied geological features reveal where Canada’s history really begins. Ivan Semeniuk

On the Moon: The Beauty of Ray Craters

Not only are the splashiest lunar features lovely to look at, but they offer clues about the evolution of the Moon’s surface. Gary Seronik

Scoping the Sky: Bordering on Beautiful

Two modest star clusters straddling the line between Ophiuchus and Serpens are worth scoping. Ken Hewitt-White

Cosmic Musings: Comet of the Century

Despite being the brightest and most easily observed comet from Canada in the past hundred years, Comet Hale-Bopp remains an also-ran in the public mind. Terence Dickinson

Exploring the Night Sky: Planets, Perseids and a Solar Eclipse

Planets adorn the evening sky, the Perseids fight the Moon, and the Moon covers the Sun. Alan Dyer

Constellation Corner: Lyra

Is it the Weaving Princess, a heavenly harp or a vulture? It might be all three. Mythologically, Lyra packs a big punch into a small space. Ken Hewitt-White

Plus much, much more!