Seronik-August 28 2007 lunar eclipse
Lunar Eclipse August 2007 (Gary Seronik)

January/February 2018

The year’s Top 10 celestial sights, buying binoculars, bland-to-bold astrophotography plus our regular columns.

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Top 10 Sky Sights for 2018

A total lunar eclipse and a close Mars opposition make this an exciting year for backyard stargazers. Alan Dyer

How to Choose Binoculars for Stargazing

With so many makes and models to consider, how do you pick the right one? Gary Seronik

Star Attractions

A Canadian experiment is poised to open a new window on the densest objects in the universe. Ivan Semeniuk

Product Review: Four Astro-Binos

Binoculars can be an ideal first instrument or a tremendously useful telescope accessory. We evaluate four models, each one offering a range of options and capabilities. Gary Seronik

Capturing the Universe: Image-Processing Basics

Transform your astro-images from bland to bold. Tony Puerzer

The Binocular Sky: Orion’s Dazzling Sword

The mighty celestial hunter offers a binocular treasure trove. Ken Hewitt-White

On the Moon: Five Fine Lunar Sights For Binoculars

The Moon is rich is fascinating details visible with modest gear. Gary Seronik

Cosmic Musings: Look to the Sky . . . With Binoculars

The celestial show presents observers with sights both expected and unexpected. Terence Dickinson

Scoping the Sky: Getting Inside Orion’s Head

The top of the celestial hunter is often overlooked, yet there’s stuff to see here. Ken Hewitt-White

Exploring the Night Sky: A Red-Faced Blue Moon

The first total eclipse of the Moon since 2015 and a ‘supermoon’ highlight the winter sky. Alan Dyer

Gallery: Eclipse Photos Galore

The August 21 total solar eclipse yielded a bumper crop of fantastic images.

Constellation Corner: Canis Minor

A figure featuring just two bright stars, the little dog isn’t much to bark about, but Procyon alone has inspired plenty of sky lore. Ken Hewitt-White

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